All of our eye treatments are designed to enhance and define your natural beauty. A simple tint of your eyelashes with darken and appear to lengthen your lashes, great for on holiday or if you don’t want to wear mascara. LVL lashes are the biggest trend at the moment. It stands for length volume lift and we will do all of this to your natural lash without any extensions. The eyelashes are lifted onto a shield and set in place to give a great, open eyed and bold look.

Brow have never been more talked about than now. We can tint eyebrows to give you a little extra colour or or for that more defined look. We talk to you about what you want prior to your treatment so you get the results you want.

All treatments will need a patch test at least 24hrs before treatment.

Eyelash Tint£15
Eyebrow Tint£9
Lash & Brow£21
LVL Lashes£50